We are WISH Company from Seoul, Korea
We collaborate with businesses in the field of beauty, fashion and entertainment to create trends. Currently, we operate and manage WISH Trend.com (www.wishtrend.com), where we introduce to the world, items and contents unique to Korea.

WISH Trend.com is a part of a global project, where we plan on carrying out blind tests from a diverse range of products. These include local Korean brands, the famous global brands and the new and emerging brands. The products we will provide will range from skincare to make up products, regardless of its brand.

The core purpose of this project is to find the correlation between the quality and price of cosmetic products, through your honest and candid analysis/criticism. You have the credibility and public figure as a power blogger, knowledgeable in the field of cosmetics, to help consumers make a reasonable choice in their decision making process.

In Korea, there will be a team of 4 beauty bloggers and a professional cosmetic expert, who will act as the blind testers. Similarly, we would like to do this abroad, with beauty bloggers and experts who are interested in Korean products. Through this project, we aim to get unbiased, reliable results, as well as cultivate expert beauty testers, particularly specialists in Korean cosmetics.

With the Hallyu booming and growing, Korean products are bound to enter your local market in the near future. We believe that you can become much more influential over your beauty community and at the same time, professionalize yourself. Moreover, this will be an opportunity to form a network with Korea’s beauty bloggers and professionals, as well as bloggers from the rest of the world, who will participate in this project.

This is how the blind tests will work
We’ll send you the products once a month. The package will consist of 3-4 testers without labels or brand packaging. It will be in separate containers. We have 4 criteria we would like to evaluate on. (This can be altered in the case of skincare, color make-up products)

* Blind Test?
It’s the same concept as blind tasting, where one receives a collection of products without any information about the product to have a neutral perspective and an unbiased review.

* Why do the blind test?
The majority of consumers have the tendency to research about a certain cosmetic product before they make the purchase. In the process, beauty bloggers played a large part, providing the necessary information for the consumers, for them to make their decision. However, reviews have been manipulated to act as a brand’s PR strategy. Therefore people started doubting the credibility of the results. Our intention is to provide bloggers with products, however without any knowledge of the product, so that they can review solely on content. This is an opportunity for both Korean brands and you bloggers: to publicize their quality products and to regain credibility respectively. The results will be posted and publicized through WISH Trend.com and provide unbiased information so that consumers can base their decisions on objective facts.

* Participation Reward/Benefits
For the bloggers who participate in the blind test will receive a skincare set from a Korean brand. Or they can receive a collection of items on WISH Trend.com. Besides the quantitative rewards, this will be an opportunity to create a network with the other power bloggers and experts from all around the world, who are working with us. If this were to become a structured network, this group of bloggers and experts can become an influential force in the industry and you can be part of it.

* Evaluation Method
-Product / Value / Ease of use / features you think (short description/opinion)
With these simple criteria, consumers will be able to comprehend the reviews better. Moreover, this will also alleviate the burden of reviewing in great depth.

12 thoughts on “About WISH’s TREND AWARD”

  1. I wish to take part. Hope to be chosen!

  2. HI i am blogger from malaysia. I am keen to join your blind test blogger team, kinda fun and creative project indeed ~ looking forward to it. kindly take a look my two blog site : http://testandshare1.blogspot.com/ and http://testandshare.blogspot.com/ have a nice day ^^

  3. Hi! I am interested in becoming your blogger! I’ve done numerous beauty and skincare products and I hope this might help me in becoming your blogger! Hope to hear from you soon! 😉

  4. insightful

  5. I’m blogger from Malaysia too.. I’m wish to join your blind test blogger team, hope to hear from you soon.. 🙂
    Visit my blog if you want to know more about me , http://melody-melodyinmylife.blogspot.com/ , thanks and have a nice day~ 🙂

  6. Hello there! I am a blogger from the Philippines. 🙂 I would like to become one of the blind test bloggers for wishtrend because I find that Korean skin care products and makeup are really nice to use.

    I hope you would consider me too. My blog is on http://prettification.tumblr.com 🙂 I am also active on Facebook as Prettification (http://facebook.com/prettication)

    Have a great day! ❤

  7. Hi, I wish to take part too. I have serious acne issue and hope to be helped 😦 Hope to hear from you soon!

    I’m also a blogger, did a few reviews on restaurants and also products. Check it out on http://imperfectness.blogspot.com 🙂

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