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[Soothing moisture] Hydrating Facial Mask
Boost your skin’s moisture with a rich, hydrating facial mask that visibly firms, plumps and revitalizes your face.
One sheet – 3,500 won

This is gift when you buy more than 30,000 won. I ordered CIRACLE’s products twice and I received this Facial Maks twice. So I used it twice. This is really moisturizing. It is amazing. If you used this, the makeup takes really well. Anyway!! the care is really important. I think you can also care for your skin by using other Facial Masks.

Honestly, it is expensive than roadshop’s sheet mask. There are a lot of 1,000 won’s sheets. Mask sheets which are 2,000 won are assumed expensive. However, there are mask sheets which are 5,000won and I received so I used. I think the moisturizing ability is similar to other products. However, I have a lot of experiences that my face became red and stung. However, it is not stimulating. I’m sensitive and I didn’t feel any stimulation.

Also, I maintained this on room temperature…. And 30 minutes before I used it, I kept it in the refrigerator. I think it has a soothing ability. Maybe twofold or threefold.

Masksheet……… It’s hard to explain.

It is written by AEGYO from http://blog.naver.com/kimyura92?Redirect=Log&logNo=70121296803.

Where to buy : http://www.wishtrend.com/beauty/44-ciracle-hydration-facial-mask.html.