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Hello~ I brought a new item for men. I was offered to review this item from Men’s cosmetic brand ‘GATZMEN’. I gave GATZMEN’s cosmetics to my father so I was so pleased when I was offered to review. I also gave the GATZMEN’s products to my boyfriend!!

Today, I will introduce Men’s Regeneration Cream. I saw a lot of positive reviews from the blog so Iwas so expected to receive the item.

<GATZMEN Regeneration Cream>

GATZMEN Regeneration Cream (50ml, 32000wom)
Light and silky for only men

It’s 50ml and 32000won. It may be expensive for men only for regeneration cosmetics. However, it is relatively cheap than women’s regeneration cream. Also, it feels really good. If you apply appropriate volume everyday, you could use it longer.

If you open the black cover, there is an sanitary cap. Many people dump this, but don’t dump for sanitation.

It is close to women’s night cream.

In the GATZMEN site, it introduces this product’s function for elasticity and regeneration, moisturization, nutrition. I think it is really good for men. Maybe nowadays men also care for their skin so such a multi-fuction product appears. But remember. I couldn’t find any of the function related to brightening and whitening.

You could use very little amount of this cream. It is really silky so you could apply the whole face by only little amount of this cream. If you feels dry much, you have to increase the amount.

 You could apply by using index finger and middle finger. The face absorbs this cream very fast. I felt it will be oily but it was not.

 You can see the difference between the left(applied the cream) and right(not applied) photos. You can see the left is more brighter.


You can see the difference between the photos in a row. The rough skin gets more moisturized and elastic. The absorbing pace is really fast and it is not oily so it is for men. It will help recover from the change of age, season, weight, stress and smoking. I think it is well enough to expect the effect. Also, it helps the red skin and remove the pimple scar. I think it is a cure-all in cosmetics. If you want to have the skin which Girls also envy, How about using this cream???

It is written by QUEENHANEUL from http://www.cyworld.com/hotfigure/7428536.

Where to buy: http://www.wishtrend.com/cream-clay-mask-pack/20-gatz-regeneration-cream-.html