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[GATZMEN] Men also want ceramics skin.
GATZMEN Big Moisture Cream/ Men’s only Moisture Cream

It’s not only women’s dream to have ceramics skin

Men also care about their skin but they just don’t know what cosmetics is good for their skin and what sun-cream suits for their skin. If you are a good girlfriend, how about give moisture cream for present????

Moisture + great size = economic 120ml, feel free to care your skin moisture Men don’t understand why women spend too much money for moisturizing their skin. GATZMEN’s big moisture cream is good enough to recommend for men.

Men’s skin is different from women’s skin Women prefer separate products for their moisture and oil. Separated products are preferable for women but it is bothering for men. So multi-function products are perfect for men!

I recommend GATZMEN’s Big Moisture Cream for men who feels dryness after shaving. This product feels moisturized and cool when you applied first. After a moment, it absorbs moisture so it relieves feeling dryness.

Moisture Cream for only men, Perfect Sample Package!!!! I am a woman myself so I don’t know package is beautiful or not, I presented this products to my boyfriend and my boyfriend said that this package is really good. For men’s eye, black, red and brown bottle is good. So it would be good present for dad or boyfriend.

MEN, don’t bother and be smart First, apply to jaw and cheek, and then apply around eyes and neck. It is absorbed very fast but it is good to tap when applying.

Blogger’s test review (Grade: ★★★★☆) It was cool and good when I applied on my hand. It was not stimulating and the scent was natural and it felt moisturized. It keeps oily after a moment. However, it was strong when I applied on my face. Maybe it would be different person to person. So if you are sensitive, test this product before buying. Thank you ~~

It is wirten by NAMZIA from http://www.cyworld.com/namzia/3838034.

Where to buy : http://www.wishtrend.com/cream-clay-mask-pack/21-gatz-big-moisture-cream-.html.