CIRACLE Skin Renewal Home Peeling Pads

Hello! Bebisara here! Hahaha Did you guys upgrade iphone application. I did it today and I is terrific! Anyway~ Nowadays Are you guys keeping peeling? I am suffering from severe oily skin and a lot of sebum. It so hard for my skin in-between seasons.

I found Ciracle from reviews.Do you know Ciracle which is famous for Volcanic Clay Mask? I really want to use that item if I have the opportunity. Anyway I saw Ciracle’s products which are famous through world-in-mouth.

Skin Renewal Homepeeling Pad

Good bye~ dead skin cells!! It has a plastic bottle in a neat box. It is neat and it feels like drug. First, I felt I used drugs on my skin.

Look!! It so neat! It has a lot of peeling pads on cream case. It has 35 peeling pads. It is case and the right is a daily exfoliating and skin clearing source. It is 70ml.


It has a manual in the back of the box. The price of Ciracle Skin Renewal Homepeeling Pad is 19,000->17,100 won.

If you open the lid, it has a seal. It protects the moisture and peeling source from evaporating.

If you remove the seal, there is a dry embossing pad. You can use by dripping the source.

It’s Skin Renewal Home Peeling Source. It’s the hero. But I disappears using only once.

See. You can drip this. Drip all the source at one go.

It revived as a wet pad. It is home peeling product. Honestly, I am suffering from troubles after I scrubbed my face. But I have to do…. I have a skin which are dry and rough skin in between the weather.

You can remove your dead skin cells by rubbing softly. Can you see the embossing pad?? You can control your face by using only this one pad. Only one pad is enough!! The bulging aspect of this pad cares skin and dead skin cells. This product makes your skin soft and moisturized with the high quality effect of removing dead skin cells. You could have a ceramics skin. It calms down the skin not to take makeup. Also, it helps to relieve wide pores, pimple scars and wrinkles. You could also clean your pores.

Look. You can just rub your skin by using this pad. Of course. You have to wash your face before using it. Just rub your face 3~4 times.

Just apply skin and lotions as normal. I think it would be enough to use this once or twice in a week. This!! It is really cool!! No stimulation and pulling. I think it would be also good for men. If you are interested in controlling dead skin cells, it would be a precious gift for you!! I think you have to use it consistently. I’ve used this for 1 weeks and I decided to continue using this product. Don’t forget skin care in between seasons for your ceramics skin!!!!

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