[GATZMEN Regeneration Cream]

Nowadays, more and more men care their styles and skin. You can see that trend from the word ‘grooming tribes’. Men are investing a lot of time and money to their fashion and cosmetics. Before wedding, my husband had to care himself. Now I have to care my husband. ^^

Compared to my pervasive cosmetics, my husband doesn’t have a staple cosmetics. I have to buy for my husband. I was finding cosmetics for my husband. I found the GATZMEN brand. Wow! What a wonderful world that it exists cosmetic brand only for men.

My husband has dry skin and severe trouble so I have to ponder what cosmetics to buy. What a sensitive men~

Men’s cosmetics has a lot of orders like women’s. I don’t apply persistently though I am a woman. It is tiresome and also too expensive.

I chose GATZMEN Regeneration Cream. It was delivered with cute 2 samples.

Nutrition + Intensitve moisture + Elasticity + Less stimulation
It contains all the necessary fuctions for men.

GATZMEN Regeneration Cream

Men’s face also changes as they get older. The difference between cared skin and un-cared skin gets wider in their 30s. Especially, men doesn’t usually treat their pimples and scars so their skin easily gets caved in and dark.

Regeneration cream has bright ivory color and it feels rich.

It has good scent. It looks it contains a lot of nutrition.

I applied GATZMEN Regenerationa Cream on my husband’s hand.
I wonder how it affects.

I rubbed my husband’s skin. It was soft and moisturizing.

The hand is glittering!!!

I suggested my husband to apply it consistently.

Maybe, my husband’s skin would be dry and rough in winter. I hope my husband to revive as skin-handsome guy!!!

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Where to buy : http://www.wishtrend.com/cream-clay-mask-pack/20-gatz-regeneration-cream-.html