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It’s GATZMEN’s blemish cover stick. ‘GATZMEN’ brand is for only men who has thick skin and a lot of sebum. GATZMEN specifically suits for men’s skin. GATZMEN has pervasive products from base to make-up. Most men’s brand reveals its specific men’s scent so I don’t prefer men’s brand.

However, GATZMEN’s products are suited for men’s skin color. It is convenient to use than other normal brands. Blemish cover stick looks like women’s lipstick. This blemish covers stick cover blemish, trouble scar, dark circle. Also, it suppresses skin trouble because it contains sterilizing scent.

The volume is 4.5g and the price is 12,000 won. I think we can use it for a long time.

The left photo is GATZMEN Blemish cover stick and the right photo is CANMAKE concealer ver02. I think CANMAKE concealer is softer than GATZMEN because CANMAKE is liquid and GATZMEN is solid. The color is similar but GATZMEN is a little darker and yellower.

GATZMEN has a little yellowish so it covers red color well. I applied red tint and cover GATZMEN blemish cover stick half on my hand. You can see it covers red spot well.

It is solid cover stick so I thought it would be mat and dry. I had a test on dry spot. You can see the dry skin above the picture. I covered pimples on my skin. I thought my makeup will not take and  because I applied ‘dry cover stick’ on ‘dry skin’. Moreover, GATZMEN blemish cover stick covers more stickily and evenly.

In case of liquid concealer, the coverage will be weaken when I spread liquid concealer. However, this product’s coverage was stable when I spread it.

It was little darker than domestic cosmetic vol25. I think the color would fit men’s normal skin color. It is portable and the design is appropriate. It was like using crayon. The coverage and quality was good but the color didn’t fit to my skin color.

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