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Are some of you, guys, having problems with your pores or is it just me? If you wish your skin was smoother and your pores were less visible, then this post will be helpful!

For a long time I’ve been pretty skeptical about the pore minimizing products, since some of them did not do a thing, but I’ve decided to give them another shot, and I am so happy I did!

Please let me introduce you to the pore miracle workers
: CIRACLE’s Blackhead Off Sheet / Caolion’s Pore Minimizing Pack 

1. CIRACLE’s Blackhead Off Sheet

this sheet is easy to use but it has STRONG effects. just see the picture below.

Before & 8 days after (use once a week)
Blackheads are decreased visibly.


this pack is THE BEST I ever used! The smell is like clay, with a hint of mint (guessing that it comes from the peppermint extract). I find Caolion Pore Minimizing Pack to work better than Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask when it comes to minimizing pores. It definitely says what it does—minimizes pores! After just one use, pore sizes on my nose were noticeably reduced. I absolutely adore products that perform as they claim.

(All products from this brand contain no alcohol, no artificial pigments, and no artificial fragrances. Also, this product contains NO PARABEN, which is a chemical preservative that is widely used in many cosmetic products but harmful to the body.)

Before AFTER

Where to buy: WISHTREND.COM
+ If you live in Malaysia, you can buy CAOLION PACK in www.everyday.com.my