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Caolion Moisture Peeling Massage Gel Review & Photos


My second product from Caolion to show you today is the Moisture Peeling Massage Gel (150g, $35.99). As the name suggests, this product gives you a 3 in 1 effect. Amazingly, it exfoliates AND moisturizes the skin at the same time, while also cleanses clogged pores. Like all Caolion products, this product contains No antiseptic, no alcohol, no pigment, no fragrance, and no mineral oil. There is NO PARABEN, which is a chemical preservative that is widely used in many cosmetic products but harmful to the body. It also contains natural fruit acid.

On the front of the product, you can see that it says “no scratch.” At first, I didn’t understand what that meant, so I asked WishTrend. The most concerns for exfoliating products are the micro particles inside to scrub away the dead skin cells. Apparently, those micro particles can actually scratch your skin, causing damage to the skin surface and, in worst case, get infected by it. But this product claims it DOES NOT irritate or scratch the skin while exfoliating and is well suited for sensitive skin.

The product is a clear gel type formula with micro white particles. I did not notice the white particles at first when I only squeezed a pea amount of product. It’s hardly noticeable, but it’s still there. There is almost no scent to it, as Caolion uses 100% all-natural ingredients—no artificial fragrance, which I like.

So, how do we use this product? There’s actually a 2-step to using this product.

Step 1 is the “moisturizing” stage. Spread the gel over your entire face, excluding the eye and mouth area (make sure you spread the gel on a fully dried face). Leave it on for 2-3 minutes for the gel to moisturize the skin and let the dead skin cells detach from the skin surface.

Step 2 is the “peeling” stage. When your face starts to become dewy, gently massage the whole face for about 1-2 minutes. During this process, the gel holds on to the dead skin cells as well as all the dirt and the dust from the clogged pores. You will notice how the clear gel will turn into small white clusters when massaging the face. After then, rinse with lukewarm water.

This product can be used as a makeup remover for light makeup, which is great—one less step in my daily skincare routine! This product can be used on a daily basis.

There are so many skincare products that claim to exfoliate the skin (and so many already that I have reviewed about that claim to exfoliate the skin). But nothing beats a peeling gel with its traditional physical scrubbing-it-off-away method. It’s just that most of those products just leave my face red after usage. However, this did not! I am extremely surprised with the results after using the product. It’s definitely one of the mildest exfoliators I have ever used. My skin did not feel beaten up by the massage process, yet felt very fresh, clean, and moisturized. The moisturizing level feels very satisfying to my dry skin.

Full list of ingredients:

Butylene Glycol, Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Sea Water, Ethanol, Cabomer, Triethanolamine, English Ivy Leaf/Stem Extract, Obaeja Extract, Lemon Extract, Disodium EDTA, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Betaine, Polyethylene, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Ethyl Cellulose

Where to buy: WishTrend.com