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WISH Trend.com is a part of a global project, where we plan on carrying out blind tests from a diverse range of products. These include local Korean brands, the famous global brands and the new and emerging brands. The products we will provide will range from skincare to make up products, regardless of its brand. The core purpose of this project is to find the correlation between the quality and price of cosmetic products, through honest and candid analysis/criticism.

Out of the 5 products that we’ve sent, 2 of them are ones that are very well known; global best sellers of one of the brands that they would instantly recognize. The other 3 are indigenous Korean brands, that have received a lot of complements. The method of evaluate the product is absolutely their own decision, but There are 5 categories or criteria. Fragrance,  Mildness, Texture, Moisturizing level, and Cleansing ability. And this test was performed about 2 weeks.

Before the test results report, introduce our honored TESTERs! XD

These 7 beauty bloggers are famous in Korea and Singapore. Their blogs have soooo many visitors and really popular. We really appreciate them for participating our project.

These are samples for the test.

These five samples contains different toners. Aren’t they cute? XD


These products are all best sellers of each brands. A,D,E is Korean local brands, and B,C is global brand’s products. Actually I was prejudged results, But the outcome surprises us. I think you’ll be surprised, too.  Aren’t you CURIOUS? Test results will be disclosed TOMORROW. so STAY TUNED! XD