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Step 1 : Sign in

Subscribe to our Wishtrend website. The process only requires that you confirm your subscription via email

Step 2 : Mailing Service

Subscribe to our monthly Wish Letter mailing service to stay up-to-date with our new products

Step 3 : Sending your company info

For potential distributors, we require your
1. Company description
2. Prefered choice of region
3. Contact information
Please send this to trend@wishcompany.net where our manager will discuss further details with you.

Step 4 : Distributor account and benefits

Once you have been selected as a distributor, your membership will be raised to a distributor account. All your purchases will be delivered via EMS. You will also receive a 50% discount with 20 or more purchases.

Step 5: Exporting Distributor

Please contact us at trend@wishcompany.net if you wish to export Wishtrend’s products, after you’ve thoroughly analyzed your local market. You can become a major distributor of Korean fashion/beauty items.