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You do not have to be Chinese to wear these looks! Haha, the reason for the title is because while I was in Beijing for a PR event for Lancome, I was asked by the Lancome fans in China to create 4 simple but different Chinese girl looks. A simple look, an office look, a dating look and a party look. I also decided to also use the eyeshadow sponge applicators and fingers because this is a very popular way to apply makeup (rather than brushes). Each look is very wearable, sweet and simple. Please enjoy!

FYI, this was also filmed with my old Canon camcorder, not my new one. So it’s not as HD as my other videos. Also, the reason why I had to compromise a lot of products (like the eyeliner blow dryer part) was because I wasn’t given a lot of products. (Notice how I use some of the same products over and over?) But, that’s a good thing because this just comes to show you how you don’t need a suitcase full of makeup to create different looks 🙂