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Can you believe a 30ml cosmetics contains 200 tangerines, 40 oranges , 120 strawberries?

There is a Ciracle Vitamin Source C- 20 which contains 200 tangerines, 40 oranges , 120 strawberries.

It is no doubt that Vitamin C is the best ingredient for whitening and Nourishing the skin.

It is the hittest item in Ciracle cosmetics brand.


Inner state of Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20

It contains pure vitamin so it is recommended to keep in a freezer.

It feels a little bit sticky and it smells sweet.

I want to use this Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20 regularly.

Oh and you have to be careful not to use this in the morning.

Because vitamin could change to the spot if your skin received sunlight.

So use this at night, before go to bed.



Before – after 1 week. 

Can you see the difference before and after using Ciracle Vitamin Source C 20?

I think it is really effective item.

Also, I want to rebuy this Ciracle Vitamin Source c 20 after using all of it.

Thank you~

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