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This review is from http://www.cosrx.co.kr/FrontStore/PointBBS/iBoardView.phtml?seq=54&bbsid=pbbs_013&iArticleId=57&iCategory=0&iPage=1.

I was selected as beauty tester and I was so pleased about it.

There is product which is ciracle blackhead offsheet case, tweezers and productions.

The production was written by 4 languages.

The productions were this.

1. pull the circle sheet

2. apply on your nose

3. wait 15~20 minutes

4. put off the sheets and remove sebums by cotton swab

It is really simple!

The following picture is how you could apply on your face.

<Before & After applying blackhead offsheet>

Ciracle blackhead offsheet was really good because it specified the expiration life and it was convenient for use.

However, it stinks a little.

Anyway it is really good for removing blackheads and sebums.

Good by blackheads~~

Thank you

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