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Ciracle Blackhead offsheet review.

Ciracle Blackehad offsheet is the hittest item.

It is really effective and there are a lot of reviews from people who are benefited from ciracle blackhead offsheet.

The following reivew is one review from naver blog.

It is from http://blog.naver.com/bounce0830/150111709418.

Thank you for giving me such opportunity as beauty tester.

I was so delighted at this opportunity.

I was surprised at the big box when I received Ciracle blackhead offsheet.

I received Ciracle products’ productions and other information.

The volume was appropriate.

It was like powder case.


The sheet was thin but elastic so you don’t have to worry about that it would be torn.

I always worry about my blackheads.

Blackheads always bother me.


<Before using Ciracle Blackhead offsheet>

<When I used Ciracle Blackhead offsheet>


After a few minutes,  I removed the sheets.

Using cotton swab, I scraped blackheads.

<After using Ciracle Blackhead offsheet>


Before using Ciracle blackhead offsheet, my nose was a little bit rough.

After using Ciracle blackhead offsheet, my nose got soft.

I believe it would be really effective if I use this regularly.

Thank you~

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