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<get it BEAUTY> with Alexa

the 3rd. 



Today’s TOPIC is

 Benefit’s Best seller,

“Take a picture” VS. Korean Body Balms.



Benefit’s best seller, <Take a picture!> it’s been renewed from <Body so fine>  

it makes skin shiny, and looks glamorous.

But this product is a expensive a little,

SO! i would recommend Korean brand’s BODY BALM.



Blind test to find the best products!




people says “No.1 is too shiny to apply”  

Too much glitter is bad 😦




Testers said that this product is the most similar to the <Take a Picture>!

If you’re curious about the brand of this product, read all the way 🙂




 As you see, this one is too pink so it looks unnatural.

But if u had tanned skin, it could be perfect.




Tester’s Pick!





Test results released♡





Brand: THE FACE SHOP, <Body BB balm>, 30g

 Price:  About 10$





Brand: MISSHA <Glam silky body balm>

SPF 25 / 25g

 Price:  About 13$ 

Tester’s PICK



Brand: 3 concept eyes <Magic touch body> , 910g

 Price:  About 20$

Good for tanned skin.