Hi, today I want to introduce Gatzmen’s Moisture Cream to you.

I have been interested in skin refresher because of my dry face.

However, men-only refresher and cosmetic things won’t do fully satisfy me and I was reluctant to buy women’s, either.

When in my hesitance, I had an opportunity for using Gatzmen moisture cream and I want to recommend you to apply Gatzmen product. It may be help for men who have skin trouble like me.


When it first arrived into my place, its cover has simple, refined and somewhat rough design.

composition, it is 120ml, good enough for men to use long term and white, sticky-look. Its scent was so light and surely aromatic that good to use rather than normal moisturizers.


In fact, Gatzmen moisturizer has one hundred percent any sticky feeling, deep and quickly effects.

Especially, I’m fascinated that it was not oiling.