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Ciracle Enzyme Powder Wash Review

Ciracle enzyme powder wash helps to wash away makeup and impurities. To use this one, first you should pour the powder into palm of your hands. And apply the foam to your face. Finally, rinse with water and wash it. After using this powder wash, you may feel clean and refreshed.

Review(written by Choi Mee-jeong from CORSX photo reviews.)

When I first used this powder wash, I was so nervous because I didn’t know how many volume I should use. I recommend that you had better use one and a half spoon if you use teaspoon.

Since last month, I have used this powder wash for one month. During this time, my skin grows softer and some pimples on my nose, such as blackhead are almost clarified. Before I used this one, I’m very doubtful whether this powder wash is really effective or not. Just use this item. I’m really suggest for you!


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