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Ciracle Anti-Blemish Spot Emulsion Review

Ciracle Anti-blemish spot emulsion helps to clarify and soothe troubled skin without aggravation. To use this product, you just pat with fingers all blemish area every day. And if you use this one with ‘Ciracle anti blemish spot A-sol’, you’ll be expect more powerful effectiveness because of interaction between two products.

Review(written by Kim Min-seon from COSRX photo reviews)

I already wrote a review of another item, Ciracle anti-blemish spot A-sol, which is effective to soothe, and brighten blemishes.

As soon as Ciracle anti-blemish spot emulsion arrived at my home, I instantly used this one with spot A-sol.

After applying these items, I slept, and when I woke up that day, I felt that my skin has been changed during sleep.

I feel that blemishes on my face become clarified and redness has been brighten. So I’m going to use this one continuously.

Also, It’s more effective to use both of them, spot A-sol and Spot emulsion, than to use just one thing.


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