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You know the basic is always important.

If you care about your skin, you have to use a great and effective base toner and skin.

Here , I will introduce an jeju organic skin toner and lotion to you guys.

O’SUM cosmetic brand is famous for natural and organic cosmetics.

If you want soft and not stimulating skin toner and lotion, it is good for you.

Skin toner does not feel too sticky and it was like water.

The scent was not stimulating and it is like the nature’s scent.

The scent was a little like grass.

If you tap your face smoothly, it is absorbed fastly.


There are three following photos.

The first photo is taken when I first used O’SUM jeju organic Skin toner/ Lotion.

The next photo is taken after one day.

The last photo is taken after 13 days.

Can you see the difference?

My skin gets brighened and glittered.

I really felt the difference after using O’SUM jeju organic Skin toner/ Lotion.

Thank you.

It is from http://organicsum.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=shop_review&wr_id=119&page=8.

If you want to buy O’SUM jeju organic Skin toner/ Lotion, please visit the site www.wishtrend.com.