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Do you find suncream which is not glittering and soft?

Here is your treasure. Gatzman Mr. sun 35.

GATZMAN Mr.SUN 35 is a natural suncream which is very soft and not glittering.

If you apply other types of suncream, your skin gets glittering and changes too white.

However, GATZMAN Mr.SUN 35 is different!

It is very soft and does not stimulate your skin.

I will compare Ciracle daycream and GATZMAN Mr. sun 35.

The photos are followed.

Left is Ciracle daycream and right is GATZMAN Mr.SUN 35.

The scent is good.

Also, it is very moistured.

So it’s like lotion.

It is not sticky. If you want not sticky item, GATZMAN Mr.SUN 35 is good for you.

I thought that GATZMAN Mr.SUN 35 is good for men who are concerned about a lot of sweat.

It is absorbed fastly.

Thank you~ If you want more information or if you want to buy this item, please visit www.wishtrend.com.