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Ciracle Anti-Blemish Spot A-sol

<Product demonstration>

Soothe, heal and brighten blemishes with a medicated formula,Perfect for use as a spot treatment for a single blemish or can be used to treat larger problem areas.

<Postscript about Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder written by SoLaKIM>

I was suffered from pimples.
I used diverse spot cosmetics but Ciracle Anti-Blemish Spot A-sol shows best efficient.

I had a big pimple. So I applied Ciracle Anti-Blemish Spot A-sol and slept.
Next day, I squeeze the pus like first photo. And I kept appling Ciracle Anti-Blemish Spot A-sol.
Now a pimple disappeared on my face.

I love Ciracle Anti-Blemish Spot A-sol.
I want to buy repeat this product.

More information : http://www.ciracle.com (Korea Best selling acne care)

Source of the postscript : http://www.cosrx.co.kr/FrontStore/PointBBS/iBoardView.phtml?seq=335&bbsid=pbbs_005&iArticleId=493&iCategory=0&iPage=1

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