Hi everyone!

I’m Tessa, and I am eager to be your personal guide to the beauty world of Korea. For all you skincare & makeup freaks out there who are much curious about the Korean beauty products but just cannot get enough information on it, I am here to assist you! I will upload reviews on various products sold in Korea, discuss about beauty-related topics, provide skincare & makeup tips, and much more. All posts in “Tessa’s Vanity Room” are exclusively written by me. Some products are affiliated with WishTrend.com, however I strongly believe in honesty and objectiveness in regards to product reviews. Any and every feedback on any of my posts is highly appreciated and will definitely be read by me. I will do my best to answer any questions you have. Also, it will mean a lot to me if you tell me which country you are from when you write your comment. That way I can build up an idea and understand the beauty trends of various countries and try to provide you with better information to answer your curiosity! Ok, then read away folks! Enjoy the journey of K-Beauty 🙂



* Tessa is…

–          25 years old, female

–          Asian (Korean), currently living in Seoul, Korea

–          brunette, dark-drown eyes, light warm skin tone

–          a total makeup freak

–          striving for her dream to become a musical actress/entertainer