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Press) Paprika Lab&Com2us, Wish Company&Onoffmix

– Increasing Alliances among Korean venture companies

Korean venture companies are increasingly aligning among themselves to create synergy and win-win results.

Com2us, a powerful mobile game company and Paprika Lab, famous for its facebook games, has agreed on a strategic partnership in Hero City‘s global marketing.‘Hero City’ is Paprika Lab’s social facebook game that has gathered a monthly traffic of a million users in just 3 months without any special marketing. Hero city is already doing well on its own, which leads us to question: is there an actual need for this alliance for both parties?

Actually, both entities have good reasons for this case and is creating a win-win partnership. This partnership is sought to be essential for Paprika Lab, since Com2us has much experience in mobile games and distribution. “Social games are increasingly growing through the mobile platform. We believe we can synergize by aligning with Com2us, which has plenty of experience in developing and distributing mobile games.” Dong-shin Kim, CEO of Paprika Lab explained.

“We think Paprika Lab is seeking for know-hows on gathering foreign users, and thought this was the right choice to make, especially since Com2us has a US branch.” Com2us added.

Com2us has its own anticipation for this partnership. It is releasing a new facebook social network game ‘Derbyday’ this month, which means they could use some help and advice on this sector, too. “We look forward to learning more about facebook games. We wish to use this as an opportunity to increase competence in various platforms.” Jiyoung Park, CEO at Com2us commented.

WISHonoff – a marketing, distributing, and networking service on categories ranging from beauty, fashion, and entertainment brands – is another example of a strategic alliance. After a MOU between Wish Company and Onoffmix one month ago, WISHonoff kicked off last week on 25th, July.

Wish Company expects to make the best solution for fashion, beauty, and entertainment meetings, and will cooperate in terms of management and marketing. Onoffmix will also cooperate by providing its know-hows on its platform, and also plans to diversify its event categories through this partnership.

“We will do our best to make WISHonoff the hub of connecting offline and online fashion, beauty and entertainment events.” Sangho Park, CEO of Wish Company quoted.