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Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder

Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder helps to make matt from oily skin. To use this item, you may deliver the soft skin like a baby. It has a powerful sebum absorption. All skin type can use this product.

The way to use this item is easy. You just pat gently on oily area of your face, especially T-zone, with the puff. and pat carefully around T zone and nose which is secreted much sebum. And reapply when sebum is much secreted again.

Review(from cyworld, which is korean community site.)

These pictures show our oily nose.

When I go to work, I usually put my face on. But because of annoyingness, I almost do not fix my make-up in spite of washing away the makeup from my face.

So if I stay at the office and just look at the monitor, my face gets more greasy.

After powdering my face.


I think it’s so light that I feel like I don’t put the powder on my face. So if you have a plan to go on a waterside excursion, it’s very effective for you because it’s light compared with other cosmetics. I have used ‘Ciracle sebum powder.’ Thank you for reading this review.

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Source : http://www.cyworld.com/ahyoung​3013/4513553