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Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet Review

If you want to remove blackhead on your nose, I suggest this product, Ciracle pore control blackhead off sheet.

This product helps to get rid of blackhead by pulling sebum on your nose out of the pores. The way to use this item is that you just pick up the sheet from a case and put the sheet on your nose. If you put this sheet on your nose, you’ll confirm that most of the sebum on your nose would be visible. And you just clean this sebum from your nose. This one can use all type of skin.

Review(Written by Chae Jin-hyea from COSRX photo reviews.)

It is the indispensable one for me. I used to have no self-confidence because my nose, one of the most important part on face for all people, has a lot of blackhead. However, this blackhead sheet made me happy.

First, my face, especially my nose has taken makeup very well. Also it helps my nose to be smooth, so my boyfriend said that your nose feels really good.

Next, I used this product twice a week, and it’s not an irritant to my sensitive skin.

If you apply this sheet on your nose and just wait 15 minutes, you’ll be able to see your visible pimples. Then you just remove this visible pimples through cotton swabs.

It’s very effective not only around nose, but also around chin.

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