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<Product demonstration>
Feel soft and natural adding treatment function. Protect your skin from life UV and control your skin clearly without oily feeling.

<Postscript about Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder written by Tamsim>
I will tell you GATZ Mr. SUN SPF35 PA++ review.
Umm~! My husband’s face skin is the worst.
There is a lot of sebums, moles and has big pores.
So I bought no-sensitive suncream that made nature ingredients.

But my husband saw his face that applied suncream.
He was startled because his face color changed to white like ghost makeup.
So I ask around that anybody knows another good suncream.
And then, I found GATZ Mr. SUN SPF35 PA++

GATZ Mr. SUN SPF35 PA++ covered all my husbands worry.
1.glossy oil
2.tiresome wash up
3.white face color
4.stiff apply
5.sticky feeling





    <Old suncream>         <GATZ Mr. SUN SPF35 PA++>

GATZ Mr. SUN SPF35 PA++ solved these problem !!
My husband likes GATZ Mr. SUN SPF35 PA++ so much.

More information : http://www.ciracle.com (Korea Best selling acne care)

Source of the postscript : http://blog.naver.com/tamsimRedirect=Log&logNo=110112441501

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