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You know~

Ciracle Blackhead offsheet is hot in korea.

It is really effective for removing blackheads and sebums in your nose.

You should read this review.

It is from http://blog.naver.com/angeblog?Redirect=Log&logNo=150111726212.

The case is beautiful and it has tweezers.

You can easily catch one sheet by using tweezers.

The following photo is before using ciracle blackhead offsheet.

You can see a lot of blackheads and sebums on my nose.

Then, I put blackhead offsheet on my nose.

You can see it on the below picture.

After few minutes I applied the blackhead offsheet on my nose, the blackheads and sebums are coming out!!

You can see it on the following photo.

All you have to do is removing the blackheads and sebums.

After removing, you can find your nose clean.

Look at the next photo! My nose is glossy.


I really liked this item. Also, I will rebuy this item after I use all of this.

Thank you~~

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