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Are you struggling with your dry skin?

Don’t worry. Ciracle Double Moisture Cream will help you!

As the name double moisture implies, Ciracle Double moisture Cream will give your skin a huge amount of moisture.

It enhances the ability to absorb moisture, maintain moisture and make protective line.

It will comfortably encircles and protect your skin.

The following review is written by Kim ji yun from COSRX photo reviews.

It was so attractive item!

I was concerned with my skin which is too dry in winter.

I used a lot of other moisture cream but it was not effective.

But this cream was different.

It is like the water proective line is made on my skin.

I usually suffers from tight skins but after using this ciracle double moisture cream, I am no longer concerned about tight skin.

I strongly recommend this item to people who suffer from dry skin.

Thank you~

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