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Circle pore control blackhead off sheet review

Circale pore control blackhead off sheet is the item that It is specialized for removing blackhead. Through sheet-type mask, it can help to remove the blackhead. In addition, Ciracle pore control blackhead off sheet is one of the most popular item sold in Ciracle, known as a popular Korean cosmetic company.

These following review is written by ‘yellowe’ from COSRX photo reviews.

This product, Circle pore control blackhead off sheet, is composed of the black-round case, pincer that is used to pick up the sheet, and instructions.


Before applying a pack


First, you should pick up one sheet from the case.


And next, apply the sheet on your nose.

It’s the fourth time that I apply it on my nose. If you cover with plastic wrap on the sheet, It’ll work especially well.


Finally, remove the sheet and rub the nose using a cotton swab.

You can see wastes that are exposed outside.

When I tough my nose, I feel soft due to removing the blackhead.

Sometimes, you feel little sore because It may be kind of strong.

I once used the blackhead sheet that is type of dryness. But it’s not effective for me. However, Ciracle blackhead sheet is so effective because this sheet is kind of wetness.

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Source : http://www.cosrx.co.kr/FrontStore/PointBBS/iBoardView.phtml?seq=33&bbsid=pbbs_013&iArticleId=35&iCategory=0&iPage=2