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Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay mask Review

Jeju volcanic clay is effective to have skin absorption. It’s composed of natural ingredent such as sasa borealis extracts, white willow shell. To use this mask pack, It’s better for you to wash your face first, and apply this pack on your overall face. Then cleanse your face after 20 minutes.

These following review is written by Kim Gyu Rim from COSRX photo reviews.

If you want to apply it carefully, there’s nothing like fingers that serve as a spatula.

I applied it from my forehead to whole of the face. To remove all of the pimples and wastes in a closed pore, I applied it carefully.

Though it looks like dry, it feels good when it was applied because it is very soft and doesn’t feel tighter.

And it’s possible to remove easily, even be able to remove through sponge after 30 minutes applying a face pack. Can you know how this product is soft? If you wash your face, it’ll help you to remove fast.

I feel temporarily my face is somewhat more bright than before.

I’m going to use this pack twice a week. I would score this pack more than eight on a ten-point scale. The rest of twenty point is rated after much use.

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