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I’m here to explain about the product ‘Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask’.

Are you struggling with

  • dark skin
  • large pores
  • floated makeup
  • troubles, sebums, oilness
  • blackheads in the nose?

Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask is here to help you solve all these problems.

You know the volume of volcanic clay’s content makes the effects.

Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask contains 6700mg’s volcanic clay.

Also, its 135g’s volume is rich enough.

If you want to see the photo reviews of Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask, there is more information about it in www.cosrx.co.kr.

It is effective in sebum’s adhesion. Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask removes wastes inside pores and sebums.

By using Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask, you could see your skin to be controlled and cleaned and troubles to be relieved.

You could expect largely 3 effects by using Ciracle jeju volcanic clay mask.

  1. Cleaning skin – strong adhesion of pores and neutralization of wastes
  2. Solving concerns such as blackheads and sebums – prevention of blackheads and troubles
  3. Purifying skin – improvement of skin tone and contraction of pores

 The effects of jeju volcanic clay

Jeju volcanic clay has an excellent ability to improve skin horny substance, adhering sebums, purifying and contracting pores and holding water. It makes the skin soft and glossy. It also removes odors and alleviates fatigue by anion and ultrared ray. It is rare raw material which exists only in Jeju island.

Now, let me tell you what I felt using this item.

I felt my skin is soften and brightened.

My friend also used this item.

She said it is a remarkable effect in brightening her skin.

Can you see that effect? Her skin is glossy and whitened,

       Before               After 

I strongly recommend this item because it brightens skin well and it softens skin very much.

Thank you~

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