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Pink Powder 

<Product demonstration>

Treatment item for the skin trouble area such as pimples, acne, and festered or purulent trouble spots. It contains the best ingredients such as sulfur, salicylic acid, etc. for the skin trouble. And it helps relieve and reduce the pimple scars or erythema.

(Source of the demonstration – wishtrend.com)

Spot A-sol

<Product demonstration>

Soothe, heal and brighten blemishes with a medicated formula,Perfect for use as a spot treatment for a single blemish or can be used to treat larger problem areas.

(Source of the demonstration – wishtrend.com)

<Postscript about Jeju water sleeping mask written by JungHei PARK>

I’m concerned about pimples that soaring in cheek and jaw.
I bought Spot A-Sol instead Pink Powder that new product.
After that I won Pink Powder beaty tester. That was very lucky ^^

I’m Pink Powder beaty tester, but I compared Spot A-sol and Pink Powder for people who agonizing with two products.

1. Pink Powder
+ Convenience : First, I can’t control using quantity with swab. But I accustom myself to using swab soon.
+ Stimulation & Scent : A little bit prickle when apply on pimple. But become cool soon. 
+ efficacy : Pink Powder’s efficacy was so fast when use on redness soaring pimples.

2. Spot A-sol
+ Convenience : Spot A-sol is more convenience than Pink Powder. Open the lid and just apply.
+ Stimulation & Scent : The scent of tea tree. No stimulation
+ efficacy : Spot A-sol is good at T-zone and nose.

I’m not nevus comedonicus so my skin doesn’t have many troubles.
But sometimes there are some soaring troubles. Then Pink Powder is very useful.
And Spot A-sol is useful on overall skin problem.

More information : http://www.ciracle.com (Korea Best selling acne care)

Source of the postscript : http://www.cosrx.co.kr/FrontStore/PointBBS/iBoardView.phtml?seq=339&bbsid=pbbs_005&iArticleId=497&iCategory=0&iPage=1

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