Story about dream project / Global 



Why we do


 ‘Story about our Dream’

 This is collaborative project with people all over the world.

Please share your passion & efforts as Video for your dream.

We will make the new ‘Story about dream’ Video as collecting the video of yours.

We believe the dream grows bigger when sharing.

And we also believe that this small step helps achieve your dreams

 ‘Share your dream’



Registration : date : 18th July ~ 21th August, 2011

1st collaborative Video : 5th September, 2011


How to register

There are 2 methods to upload your video.

We recommend the 2nd method below. 

1) Send the e-mail to

2) Upload your files after joining our video group on

It is preferred to include these contents in your video

Start : What is your dream?, What is your momentum to have a dream?

Today : Life in a day, Your talent, Your efforts, The difficulties

Tomorrow : Why do you have to achieve  your dream?,Tell your dream and life in the future.

And it is also preferred more when including following the issues

– The people’s stories around you about your dream,

The special item related to my dream, a question about my dream,
Announcing your dream to others, Writing your dream on the paper, etc.


You don’t need to input all of these.

One item is okay, many items are fine also.

And short film is okay whatever it is related to your dream.

 Please note the below

Please make the title when sending e-mail or uploading on vimeo.

(ex. My dream make-up artist, Want to be a hair dresser, My wish – Cook, etc.)

We will make the new film as ‘Story about dream’.

And we are going to share the new film with all people around the world.


To participants 

We know these are small rewards. So we trying to find the best way to deliver more benefits to participants. But this small action to upload your file on our video has many potentials.


1) We will share your video (including your information) on our youtube channel, facebook page, twitter, and our Korean blog / Global blog.

* So please acknowledge your e-mail, homepage, twitter, facebook, etc.

 2) We will deliver 10 pcs Korean cartoon books of Annarasumanara. You can find the information in details on our global mall. (

 3) We will make the community able to communicate with others in the other countries.

 4) We will do social collaborative projects of fashion / beauty / entertainment with participants at our company


We have many experiences of collaboration

July, 2011   Collaborative projects with famous cartoonist

June,2011   Collaborative projects with fashion brand ‘By LAB’

June,2011   Collaborative projects with fashion shopping mall mutnam

March,2011 Collaborative projects with famous cartoonist

March,2011 Collaborative projects with the troupe

Dec, 2010   Collaborative projects with Korean no.1 social commerce

 Story about dream project

Co-producer: WISH company / Brand management company in fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc. (

Co-producer: Heejun, Lim / Sebeom, Oh of Kaist culture& technology. B.A.

  Contact us

If you have a dream, 
Share your dream story on our channel.
We will make the amazing vod of dream stories you’ve been shared!

We will share our dream projects to the world!!

It’s a small step, but many people can know and feel your passions for the dream.
Simple, but big one step!