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Are you stressed out because of your blackheads and sebums?

Ciracle pore control blackhead offsheet is here to help you.

The following review is written from Wol hya hyang from http://www.cyworld.com/youlim0901/7669597.

Hello everyone~

I’m Wol hya hyang.

The product I brought today is a great news for people who are struggling with controlling sebums and blackheads.

I’m not serious in blackhead problems but I have some pimples on my face.

I always have difficulty in controlling pores.

Ciracle goodbye blackhead (30 sheets/ 12,000 won)


Pores are floated after 15 minutes without stimulation.

Don’t be surprised by the sebums coming up.

Ciracle pore control blackhead offsheet is a compressed sheet that is not bothering.

It focuses on controlling blackheads and whiteheads.

                              Before                                                                         After


The major ingredient is highly compressed in a sheet.

A sheet could be applied to the troubled area and it cleanse the deep pores.

It makes the sebums to coming up.

You could use Ciracle pore control blackhead offsheet for 12 months. 

You could see immediate result when you use this sheet after using steam towel. 

After using steam towel, just put on one sheet over your nose.

After 10~15 minutes, the blackheads and sebums are coming up.

All you have to do is scrubbing wastes using a stick. 

Overall review

It has 30 sheets which is enough. Also, the price is reasonable and convenient.

Its case is clean and the sheets are elastic.

It has not any scent so I recommend others to use this product.

Don’t forget to use it steadily for your skin.

Thank you~