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Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder

Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder helps to relieve troubles overnight.

 Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder excludes problems for dry and sensitive skin.

It is safe and effective for all skin types.

The following review is written by Kim Young ho from COSRX photo reviews.

 I’m really glad that I’ve been chosen as a beauty tester.

How nice COSRX is!

<Photo by Jang Mi na>

My skin has all types of problems such as acnes and scars which is terrible.

I had used this pink powder before I went to bed every night.

Can you see pimples in my forehead in the following photo?

These pimples are visually disappeared by using the pink powder product.

I was so surprised by Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder’s effects.

I am really pleased to find this Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder product.

When you apply it to your face at night, it stung a little bit.

After 10 seconds, it dries.

All you have to do is washing your face after getting up in the morning. 

I strongly recommend Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder to people who suffer from pimples.

Thanks, COSRX.

More information : http://www.ciracle.com (Korea Best selling acne care)

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