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Ciracle blackhead off sheet

<Product demonstration>

Ciracle blackhead off sheet makes nose clean.
Ciracle blackhead off sheet’s strength is simplicity.
Just use 1 sheet. Then blackhead off sheet remove old sebum and contract pore at the same time.

<Postscript about Ciracle blackhead off sheet written by  hy11hy>



 It’s appearance of product when it delivered.
 A cover looks very luxurious. In an instant,
 I think this is why expensive things are good.




Ingredients and instructions are written in back cover.
 When you open case, there is another instructions.






 These are components. Case is so cute and neat. tweezer is for picking  up one by one.
 The paper is instruction. It is cute because size is small.
 I think that only 30 sheets will be lack. But it was not.                            
 Quantity is   sufficient.



When you open lid its like this. Take off first sheet and use second sheet.
you can feel moist when you picking up.


This is my nose before using product. I feel embarrassed somehow.
 I wish that product will make my nose clean.






I used two sheets at once to eradicate all black heads.
 I heard that using two sheets eradicate deep black heads.
 I waited 15 minute with great expectation. I felt a little bit ticklish.
 But my sister said prickle.



Can you see? This is my nose 15 minute later.
I’m very satisfied.
But I feel only using black head sheet makes pore bigger.
So applying cream additionally will be good.





Source of the postscript : http://www.cosrx.co.kr/FrontSt​ore/PointBBS/iBoardView.phtml?​seq=26&bbsid=pbbs_013&iArticle​Id=28&iCategory=0&iPage=2

Brand website : http://www.ciracle.com

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