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Don’t squeeze pimples! Apply the Pink Magic!

Pimple Solution Pink Powder is a treatment item for the skin trouble area such as pimples, acne, and festered or purulent trouble spots.

It contains the best ingredients such as sulfur, salicylic acid, etc. for the skin trouble.

And it helps relieve and reduce the pimple scars or erythematic.

How to use

1. Use pink pimple solution after cleansing. (before sleeping)
2. Pick only pink deposits with a cotton swab
3. Pat smoothly “tok tok tok” on the pimple, acne, and trouble spots and it soothe your trouble spots.
4. Clean your pink spots in the next morning.

                <Before use>                             <Application>                         <After rinse> 


Pimple solution pink powder is good for both face and the body which got skin trouble easily.

It can be hang to your skin, last long time and recover your skin trouble.

And also it is good for the all skin types  including sensitive skin type.  Keep this item at room temperature but avoid direct sunlight.

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