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O’sum was launched

Jeju organic brand O’sum made in Jeju, got ECOCERT certification, was launched for the first time in Korea.

O’sum has been evaluated to be a  springboard for activation of primary industry of Jeju in the future. And also O’sum uses only organic ingredients within Japanese organic JAS mark certified and native plants in Jeju.

O‘sum is a compound word of “ORGANIC” and “SUM”. This word means “An organic island of clean nature” and has cleanliness, life and greenness as they are.

Features of O’SUM

O’sum is the first organic certified skin care line based in the Jeju Island, which is treasuring the beauty of the World Heritage Site.

O’sum provides the right natural and plant-based organic  certified cosmetic products that honor your intelligence, your natural beauty, your well-being and the earth.

More information : www.organicsum.com (Organic skincare brand from Korea)


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