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GATZMEN joined into Korean No.1 Shopping mall

GATZMEN was launched in MUTNAM, No.1 fashion shopping mall of men’s clothing in Korea. And GATZMEN has been introduced as the main brand of the men’s beauty.

GATZMEN has 15 products line-up totally from toner to coverstick concealer for men’s only and plans to introduce continuously new goods to lead the men’s beauty trends.

GATZ will be exported to Hongkong and Thailand

Even GATZMEN is a brand new, but it is loved much for emotional approaches understanding of men’s beauty trend deeply.

GATZMEN is proceeding to export to Hongkong, Thailand, etc. 

GATZMEN will be introduced in overseas markets through WISHTREND that is a global channel of WISHCOMPANY as well.

More information : www.gatzmen.com (Korea Best selling skincare)

If you want to buy GATZMEN now, please browse WISHtrend.com (www.wishtrend.com).