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Ciracle made a big success in HK 

Ciracle was launched in October 2010 on Bonjour No.2 retail in Hongkong. The sales of Ciracle increased every month and ranked as VIP brand in Bonjour channel.

Ciracle’s best item is “Blackhead off sheet” for reducing blackhead and whitehead on nose, cheeks, etc. and One day trouble spot cream “Spot-x”, and “Jeju volcanic clay mask” for controlling pores.  These items sold over 10,000 pcs in recent 6 months.


Ciracle was launched in Thailand

Ciracle advanced to home shopping markets in Thailand as well, and Ciracle enhance the brand value as a global brand.

Ciracle proceeds with step by step launching by forming hit products feasible to Thailand market based on experiences in Hongkong, Japan, also Korea, etc.

Vitamin c series, Ciracle’s big hit line, was introduced firstly in Thailand and Thai consumers show ‘Ciracle fever’.

The performance of Ciracle were already recognized in Korea, Japan, Hongkong and it is one of the reason why Ciracle has received a lot of attention from overseas buyers.

More information : http://www.ciracle.com (Korea Best selling skincare)


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